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Basket is a mobile application to deliver any order inside the city. We work to provide the best service to our customers with the best price and fast delivery of their orders.

Our newest branch

We are now in Kafr Saqr and you can order anything and browse the restaurant list within the application

How to Buy ?

Download the application

Basket application is available on Google Play and App Store, you can download it by clicking on the download buttons at the top of the page

Select your location

In the beginning and after registration choose your city from the list of cities .. And later you can add your address in detail

Select your order

You can choose from the list of restaurants and also write any order you need from restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, or anything else within the city

Get your product

After completing the order, we will receive you as soon as possible, and with us your order with a detailed invoice for all your purchases


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